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It's a dog-eat-dog world, and I'm wearin' milkbone underwear!  

Hey it's me!L W

elcome to my site. Basically this is a testing ground for my Macintosh projects and other computing endeavors.

Who is this Mac-Adam guy? Well that would be me, Adam. I'm a 46 year old Harley-Davidson enthusiast from the Chicago suburbs who's masquerading as a computer-geek, ok, perhaps not masquerading. I think Mac's outweigh the Harley right now

This site, or more so, this domain name, were created because I got sick of entering my IP address into various programs when trying to access my home computer from remote locations. I feel obligated put something up here.

...and like a midget at a urinal, I'm always on my toes.

If you're curious as to what this site is running on, well, it's being served from my personal Mac Pro 8-core tower, located in the computer lair of my home in the Chicago suburbs. It's connected to the internet via my cable internet connection and is running the greatest operating system in the world, Macintosh OS X.

Wanna know more about me? Ok, during the day, I work as a support consultant and server administrator at a university. I'm an Apple Certified Technical Coordinator and have been working professionally with Macintoshes for the last 23 years. Mostly in user support and server administration in a print publishing and web development environment. One could say, Mac's are my life!

However Mac's are only one hobby of many.

As I mentioned above I'm an avid Harley rider, a gadget nut, an audiophile and basically interested in, and drawn to, anything that plugs into the wall and lights up and does something. I'm also a music lover and have played guitar since I was 13 years old.

To the left and below are links for interested parties but most of what appears here is just for my own amusement or testing purposes.

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